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Powerful Websites With Just One Click

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Need a new website or help maintaining one? We can do that for you. For over a decade, we have designed and developed strategic websites that generate leads and build brands for businesses. Our team of professionals can help you establish or strengthen your online presence through smart, creative, mobile-responsive, user-friendly websites that are professionally designed, easy to manage, and cost-effective. Give us a call and watch your business grow.


Small Business Optimism Surging

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Small business owners view the economy as surging, giving them an incentive to hire and grow this year, according to surveys released last week by the National Small Business Association and National Federation of Independent Business. The surveys are in line with others showing owners more optimistic after the election and start of 2017. The more upbeat view is a reason for owners to add jobs, a shift from the recession and its aftermath. Forty-three percent of the 1,426 owners questioned had a more upbeat assessment of the economy, compared to 22 percent last summer. Fifty-four percent of owners expect the economy to grow during the next year – up from 29% last summer.

With the business climate looking up and industry technology ever changing, call C&S Creative to lift your business presence through digital and print marketing support. From freshening your brand, to developing a mobile-responsive website, we can help generate sales leads for ultimate growth.

Frighteningly Talented

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Dare To Be Different

Go ahead, update that website, redesign that new logo, add some creative to your next eblast. The trick to advancing your business is finding people who truly care and are talented enough to make you different – better. Being an industry leader means looking like one. So, why use listless, mediocre, uneventful creatives? When it comes to fantastic copy and design, well-thought strategy, meticulous marketing execution, count on the local agency that has been around long enough to know what works. Let us add some timely SEO and a dab of social marketing, and what you’ll have is a winner. To experience ultimate marketing success in today’s fast-paced business world, count on the frighteningly talented people at C&S Creative. And prepare yourself to succeed.

When People Log On…

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Want to reach your target audience at the right time, and with the right message? Pay attention to what types of devices your target audience is going to be using throughout the day. For the most part, you’ll find that there’s a great diversity. More users are opting for multi-platform access to content – switching between desktop devices, tablets, and smartphones.




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Natural stock photography, bold colors and infographics are among the website design trends to watch for in 2016. Flat designs are the rage, providing a clear, contemporary look that snaps on a page. Fun, user-friendly graphics make the online experience more captivating and relevant. Social marketing and SEO are a work in progress requiring constant attention.  Google has set so many parameters for spider-grabbing content that it’s important to maintain updates almost daily. And, if your website is older than your iPad, chances are it’s outdated and incompatible with modern mobile devices.

In this day of ever changing digital trends, it’s ever more important to install techniques and practices for developing and optimizing your online presence. Like anything else, why not hire professional experts who practice and hone their skills in smart web techniques daily?

We at C&S Creative make a point to stay on top of digital trends and technology in order to place our clients at the forefront of their industries. Our creative copy and design capabilities continue to set our work apart from the ordinary, matched with a tech-savvy staff who take pride in being the best. So, next time you’re considering a new website, strengthening your social marketing presence and building a strong identity through well-thought logos, brochures, advertising and more, call us to help strategize and develop marketing that generates sales leads and creates just the right image for your business. We promise, the difference is in the results.


Harvest Great Marketing This Fall

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The mass exodus for school supplies, football season and sponsored pumpkin carvings present great opportunities for marketing. Now is the time when bright summer advertising transforms into richer hues and seasonal photography switches to fall foliage. We trade in our sandals for boots and switch from light summer fare to hearty stews, roasts and warm breads.  As the leaves turn, firewood stokes the basket near the hearth – not necessarily because it’s cold, but because television ads and fall previews tell us it’s time.

No doubt, the cooler temperatures of fall bring a welcome change in outlook making this a great time to dig in, promote, get out and market your business. Fall is perfect for setting goals, getting creative and preparing for success. You can use the transition to implement marketing campaigns that keep your business visible and strengthen your brand. Create fall specials, offer services with autumn themes, tie the season to your marketing. Design a fall newsletter, eblast, direct mailer in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Sponsor fall races and contests and blog about them. Use this time of year to talk about your business through online or print correspondence so your clients know you’re alive and well.

Hunker down and prepare your annual marketing strategy and budget in time for fourth-quarter, when media reps are more apt to honor last year’s rates and vendors make a last-ditch effort to meet their numbers.

Which brings us to C&S Creative … we’re coming into fall with colorful ideas to generate new sales and transform your business. Call us to turn things around, from Thanksgiving promotions to Holiday Cards and brochures. We can help create a compelling name and logo for your new business or develop your website and digital campaign in time for the ski season. Like the welcome change in seasons, now is a great time to revive your marketing. Call C&S Creative today.

Keeping It Local

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One of the benefits of living in a small town is the unity and patronage that exists between locals and local businesses. We live together and play together, so why would we not support one another by working together, as well? A few years ago, C&S worked on a campaign for Park City Municipal Corporation called “Keep It PC.” This campaign shed light on the benefits of supporting our local economy, including the facts that capabilities are high here and the trickle down really matters, with benefits to the entire community. C&S has been operated since 1987, a long time when it comes to seeing changes in our town. But the one thing that has remained constant in Park City is the sense of community that exists here, and that is what makes our city so special.

Marketing Intelligence: Hire a small agency as your in-house team

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Seems the latest trend for mean-and-lean businesses is to acquire versus hire your marketing team. That allows clients to enjoy both freedom and creativity without having to pay salaries, taxes and benefits. In other words, you can utilize your outside marketing team as you would an in-house staff.

From a budget standpoint, acquiring the services of a seasoned, insightful, creative team makes sense. You can pay for the services you need without wasted hours from employee downtime. Also, acquiring an outside marketing squad provides for a sounding board for business owners and marketing directors who sometimes become emotional and knee-jerk with their decisions. And, most importantly, your outside marketing team goes away when you no longer need them, saving you the headache of carrying  dead weight.

So, when you’re ready to embark on a professional marketing strategy with an enthusiastic group of creatives call C&S!

Integrated marketing from identity to go live!

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Warming Up To New Business

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While climate change refers to the affect of global warming on our earth, at the moment, I’m wondering about its effect on local business. A balmy 50 degrees on a Wednesday in mid-February, the phones aren’t much ringing and it doesn’t seem like folks are in the mood to conduct business. What’s more, there are feet of snow dumping on the east, making it tough for those customers to focus on business.

In these crazy times of change, it’s important to put on our game faces and quickly adapt to the switch-ups in business trends caused by the global climate, local business climate and whims of our customers. Innovative marketing solutions are afoot; businesses need to embrace fresh marketing strategies and stay in front of their competitors. Social marketing has arrived, and is inexpensive to implement and a great way to communicate with customers and generate new leads. Eblast marketing allows you to communicate with target sectors and analyze the content they are most interested in reading about. Content marketing allows you to maintain relevant information on your website in order to stay atop of the search engines. We are all in this together, so let’s start making plans for success. Call us for a few simple solutions.