Harvest Great Marketing This Fall

By September 20, 2015C&S Creative Services

The mass exodus for school supplies, football season and sponsored pumpkin carvings present great opportunities for marketing. Now is the time when bright summer advertising transforms into richer hues and seasonal photography switches to fall foliage. We trade in our sandals for boots and switch from light summer fare to hearty stews, roasts and warm breads.  As the leaves turn, firewood stokes the basket near the hearth – not necessarily because it’s cold, but because television ads and fall previews tell us it’s time.

No doubt, the cooler temperatures of fall bring a welcome change in outlook making this a great time to dig in, promote, get out and market your business. Fall is perfect for setting goals, getting creative and preparing for success. You can use the transition to implement marketing campaigns that keep your business visible and strengthen your brand. Create fall specials, offer services with autumn themes, tie the season to your marketing. Design a fall newsletter, eblast, direct mailer in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Sponsor fall races and contests and blog about them. Use this time of year to talk about your business through online or print correspondence so your clients know you’re alive and well.

Hunker down and prepare your annual marketing strategy and budget in time for fourth-quarter, when media reps are more apt to honor last year’s rates and vendors make a last-ditch effort to meet their numbers.

Which brings us to C&S Creative … we’re coming into fall with colorful ideas to generate new sales and transform your business. Call us to turn things around, from Thanksgiving promotions to Holiday Cards and brochures. We can help create a compelling name and logo for your new business or develop your website and digital campaign in time for the ski season. Like the welcome change in seasons, now is a great time to revive your marketing. Call C&S Creative today.

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