Marketing Intelligence: Hire a small agency as your in-house team

By May 4, 2015C&S Creative Services

Seems the latest trend for mean-and-lean businesses is to acquire versus hire your marketing team. That allows clients to enjoy both freedom and creativity without having to pay salaries, taxes and benefits. In other words, you can utilize your outside marketing team as you would an in-house staff.

From a budget standpoint, acquiring the services of a seasoned, insightful, creative team makes sense. You can pay for the services you need without wasted hours from employee downtime. Also, acquiring an outside marketing squad provides for a sounding board for business owners and marketing directors who sometimes become emotional and knee-jerk with their decisions. And, most importantly, your outside marketing team goes away when you no longer need them, saving you the headache of carrying  dead weight.

So, when you’re ready to embark on a professional marketing strategy with an enthusiastic group of creatives call C&S!

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