“Super” Smart Promotional Marketing

By February 3, 2015C&S Creative Services

Although I’m not the world’s biggest Katy Perry fan, I have to say that I enjoyed her Super Bowl halftime show. Her entrance atop a gold cat (lion?) was fantastic and reminded me of seeing The Lion King in the theater. The songs that she sang with dancing sharks and palm trees were whimsical and fun.

I always enjoy Lenny Kravitz, so I thought that his rendition of “I Kissed A Girl” was solid. It was hysterical to me to try to explain to my parents who Missy Elliot is. And I thought that the finale, where she flew around the stadium singing “Fireworks” was spectacular! Overall, I liked the halftime show a lot more than I enjoyed the game!

While I liked watching it, what I thought was the smartest aspect of Ms. Perry’s performance was her ability to capitalize on it. Super Bowl entertainers do not get paid – in fact, I have heard rumors that they pay to be there. Katy Perry, though, found a way to make at least a little bit of money off of her appearance at the big game. According to Miami’s NBC 6, “and Universal Music Group teamed up with tech firm Delivery Agent to make the items, including clothing and accessories, available for purchase via Twitter, YouTube, Shazam, Roku and on Samsung smart TVs.”

I was unaware that there was a social selling side to the Super Bowl halftime show, but I’ll bet that Katy Perry’s fans knew about it – and that they bought her limited-edition promotional products. If they went as far as to buy them, then you know that her fans are going to wear those “Katy Cat” backpacks and her branded football jerseys. Therefore, not only are her devotees padding her wallet by making in-game purchases, but they are also doing her marketing for her later on down the line.
In sum, Katy Perry is a smart cookie to both have an enjoyable Super Bowl appearance and to have the foresight to sell products during the game that will do double duty for her!

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